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Searching the databases

DEVA is the central archive and database system for African Studies at the University of Bayreuth. We are offering a platform for networking with international partners. For more detailed information on the project please click here.

The DEVA databases are under construction. For the time being, four databases are accessible freely. Within these databases, selected records can be searched. The quantity of records available online will be expanded continuously. Due to copyright or personal rights, some images and records may not be accessible.

Sall, Senegal. Slg. Iwalewahaus

Collections Iwalewahaus
Iwalewahaus collects works of art and documents on contemporary art and popular culture in Africa. The collections contain of fine arts and graphics, the music and video archive on Africa, posters and of ethnographic objects. Please click here for an overview of the stocks.

R. Dammann, Ghana 1959

Photos and Personal Papers
Photographic archives and personal papers of academics such as Ernst Dammann, Otto-Friedrich Raum and Peter Fuchs; a picture postcard collection on North Africa, travel photography, documentary and portrait photography.

Handschrift Kijuma. DEVA

African Studies Bayreuth
Documents of diverse chairs, faculties and research institutions of the Bayreuth Institute of African Studies form this database. Moreover, the database serves for internal archiving and documentation of the IAS. Some parts are not accessible online freely. Please contact us, if you intend to use the database within Bayreuth University.

Kamelreiter, Niger 2005. Spittler (BN 1837)

Collection Spittler
The anthropologist Professor Gerd Spittler does intensive field research among the Tuarag and Hausa in Niger, Nigeria and Algeria, since 1967. Currently, the database contains of 6500 photographs. The collection is organized in a particular way, based on Spittlers academic research on labour, material culture and social structure.

diasUndKompott (CC BY-SA 2.0)

African Languages
The „Comprehensive Bibliography of Chadic and Hausa Linguistics“ by Paul Newman (2015) is the beginning of a new database scope on African languages. The records are available as fulll text on the link below. Research documents on further African languages will follow.
Chadic Hausa Linguistics